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Products & Services - Propane

Excel Budget Plan

The Excel Budget Plan gives you more control over your energy spending with a level monthly payment and a Guaranteed Price Cap through the end of the heating season. The Guaranteed Price Cap ensures that you will not go above the set price per gallon no matter what the winter weather does. However, if the price goes lower, you will pay the lower price. As an Excel Budget Plan customer, you are automatically enrolled in our Keep Full Delivery.

Keep Full Delivery

By enrolling in our Keep Full Delivery, we keep track of your usage in our computer system. This is tracked by a combination of the Degree Days Readings and your usage history. When your tank shows 20% or below in our computer system, we will make a delivery. You will also want to help up keep an eye on your gauge, especially if you are a new customer, and call if you see it getting low. As you continue with us, we are better able to track your usage.

Will Call

Will Call simply means, you watch the gauge on your tank, and when it gets down to approximately 20%, give us a call or email us how much you want (200 gallon minimum or "fill it up").

Summer Fill

Take advantage of the lowest rates by filling your tank during the summer. Rates can be as low as 40% less than winter rates. Summer Fill is a limited time offer because it is determined by the current market rate. Rates are seasonally available while supplies last.


Another payment option is Pre-Buy, which allows customers Lock-in a set price per gallon through the end of the heating season. A minimum purchase of 200 gallons is required. All Pre-Buy gallons are delivered on a keep full basis.

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